Project Outsourcing

At R2, we execute client projects at our office located in Alpharetta, GA. Size of the projects vary by few modules to complete project. With Project Outsourcing our clients have benefitted with our resource expertise, saved cost and they were able to focus on their core resources.

Client Benefits

  • Reduced Training Costs: They dont have to train their resources on all the latest technologies, which we can supply the trained resources.
  • Scalability: Clients can extend and expand the project outsourcing team with R2 without going through the process of recruiting from market.
  • Focus on Core Business: Clients continue to focus on their core business and outsource and out task their non-core projects and operations, which saved lots of effort and time, not just the increase in revenue.
  • Control and Visibility: R2 provides complete control and visibility to our clients. Its an integrated team executing tasks from our location.
  • Proof of Concepts: With our excellent team of resources, our clients work very closely and develop their POC's with the latest and greatest technologies, without investing much on their current infrastructure.