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Why R2?

We promise what we can deliver. With our two decades of experience gained through a number of socio-economic cycles across the globe in the contemporary industrial world.

Staffing Solutions

Flexibility to adapt to any challenge with total staffing solutions. Short and long-term temporary employees for any part of the product life cycle. We can support onsite, offshore, and nearshore basis, on 24/7 shifts.


At R2, we've created superior NLP, AI and IoT technology driven intelligence platform which makes enterprise operations efficiency practical and cost effective. Lightweight integration with SAP.

Our Great People

We proud of our team. Our team is crucial in our success. Our high–tech programs and top-notch employees are equipped to meet all our talent and technical needs. We look at the needs of employees and clients equally.

We are passionate about helping businesses find the right talent and resources that will help them achieve their goals.


Why Choose Us?

Connecting IT Professionals with top companies across the nation.


We partner with customers to understand and help define their vision of what a new resource must accomplish to be successful. We go Beyond the Search with a comprehensive approach to source, identify, and evaluate talent for strategic and key roles.


We connect with candidates to discover their motivations for a career change. We learn what their expertise and abilities are and how it may solve our client’s needs. We prep for interview, provide feedback, and ease steps during offer and acceptance.

Why R2 Technologies?

We deliver what we promise, we promise what we can deliverusing our two decades of experience gained through a number of socio-economic cyclesacross the globe in the contemporary industrial world. The trust that we gaveto our employees and customers is driving us today. We are reliable and trustedpartners for all those who believe in us.  Welook in depth into the needs of our employees and customers equally, understandtheir turnkey points and evaluate to bring the best value to their table bypartnering with their core business needs. R2 Technologies is a certified minority business enterprise and is as one of the best IT Staffing firms in the U.S. We operate with global office locations and have close to 100 IT professionals supporting clients across the nation. Our service offerings include

  • Contract and perm positions
  • Innovative Product Development Team
  • Satisfied Customers and Candidates
  • Highly Skilled and Niche Consultants
  • Competitive Salary & Healthcare benefits
  • H1B Sponsorships & Green Card
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Referrals & Discounts

Employee Benefits

Generous and rewarding benefits to our eligible employees. We believe in supporting the needs of the employees advances their career to the highest level.

Consistent Pay Cycle Based on the assignments, consultants are paid consistently semimonthly and monthly without any interruption, regardless of when client pays. We run our payroll through ADP.
  • Competitive Salary
  • Healthcare benefits
  • H1B Sponsorships & Green Card
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Referrals & Discounts


R2 Technologies minority professional services firm with a 20+ year history of supporting clients across the country. Our talented team has in-depth experience and knowledge when it comes to successfully navigating the complicated challenges of the government contracting marketplace.

  • E-Verify
  • MBE Certified
  • SBA


operations intelligence layer
HARNESS THE POWER OF DATA AND DRIVE SAVINGS. Scope of process optimization is limited. Several companies have implemented DCS systems, but the insight they can provide is masked by the complexity in handling data generated by daily operations. With this in mind, we’ve created an operations intelligence layer: SmatEnt

  • Cognitive Customer Care
  • “Understand” customer communications
  • Guided problem resolutions
  • Supplier eXchange
  • Customer 360 degree

You Always Get the Best Solutions

Areas of Opportunities

Our team will work with you to find your next best opportunity, its like crowdsourcing your job search efforts. Whatever the technology and the industry your search is, our experienced professionals will work with our clients and promote your skills.

Big Data

Data Engineer / Scientist / Architects

analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing

Server Side

Software Developers / Leads / Architects

server side web development using specific tools and various frameworks to build dynamic pages (programs) that generates dynamic web sites

Front End (UI)

Web Developers / Leads / Architects

front end web development using javascript bundles (frameworks) structure the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of the web, desktop and mobile applications


Electrician / Machinist / Non IT

highly-specialized engineers and technicians, across all engineering industries, including manufacturing and energy, electronics and medical devices.


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