What is ITOA?

IT Operations Analytics


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IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) automates the process of collecting, organizing, and identifying patterns in highly distributed, diverse and fast-changing service and application data to identify problems faster and improve IT system performance.

The digital business revolution infuses technology in every step of an organization’s value chain. This unprecedented use of technology creates a complex challenge for IT Infrastructure and Operations organizations, as it becomes difficult to collect and organize the explosion of data generated by new digital business systems and sources.

Operational analytics gives IT Operations Management (ITOM) teams the right information, at the right time. It allows them to quickly focus their efforts, reduce the time it takes to solve problems, proactively identify issues and optimize system and application performance to support business needs.

IT Data is the currency that guides and drives all decisions and actions. Breaking down IT information silos and automatically organizing multi-structured data from diverse, dynamic sources, operational analytics software solutions transform disconnected data points, which lack meaning, into actionable information.

IT Operations Analytics are applied to the IT Infrastructure and Operations environment to:

• Troubleshoot and anticipate problems in the application and service infrastructure through analytics integrated with existing IT Operations Management tools and practices

• Optimize overall IT service performance and guide business decisions through a single analytics platform that contextualizes data from distributed systems through the business