R2 Product Portfolio


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Project Management System Software (PMSS)

Project management, once, was an art. Through history, several projects of countless worth were successfully delivered without any process, technology or tools such as construction of pyramids. But in the modern age, project is an endeavor, has time, scope, quality as constraints and objectives. Hence lot of research through academics and industries devoted to develop processes and tools to manage projects with triple constraints (Time, Cost & Quality) as objectives.

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Specialty Manpower Solutions (SMS)

Speciality Management Solutions (SMS) bridges the gap between industry and high skilled manpower (aspirants) by bringing them together and fulfilling their objectives. Objective of the aspirant is to find the right prospective clients, and the objective of the client is to acquire the right high skilled man power. SMS brings in transparency to the process and engages the right stakeholder. SMS provides the role based access to the content and process workflows.

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Vaizley (Analytics Software)

Business and market research tool. Provides customer insight and achieves marketing goals. Page level analytics. Heatmaps. KPI Driven document analytics. Customer View Reports. Convert your PDF to Image. Convert Word to PDF. Convert Word to HTML. Convert EXCEL to PDF. Uses Big Data technologies to process a large number of documents (image files, PDFs, etc.) automatically indexing them along the way to provide instant search and analysis capabilities.