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R2 undertakes outsourced projects that result in IT solutions that are a product of iterative methodology. We not only address your present business needs but also factor in its highly volatile shifting nature. We are also conscious of what the demanding stakeholders need and therefore our products are ROI savvy.

We are transparent and conduct our business with ethics and our practices stem from integrity of word and deed. We deliver end-to-end projects in time with no cost overruns. Our projects capture the full range of scope the product was designed for.

Staff Augmenting

We meet the staffing gaps in the project you undertake and provide fully competent resources who complement your skill or platform shortfalls so that you meet your business objectives. You will be able to access from us missing capability that gives you a leverage to upscale or down scale your operations. We can quickly filter the right candidate to meet your need as we have on our roll W-2 employees. We can also contract C2C employees on the fly on either long or short term basis.

R2 provides you the advantage of over two decades of experience in IT application design and architecture that served the needs of the Big 5, Ford, GM,IBM, UBS and Fannie Mae.


VAIZLEY is the product division of R2 Technologies (GA) LLC that provides IT Services with global corporations. We leverage years of process, domain and technology expertise to deliver superior business value to clients with our seamless customer service, marketing and back office solutions and services. 

Upcoming Solutions & Products

SMS (Specialty Manpower Services) - Bridging the gap between IT companies and prospective employees bringing together for their mutual benefits. Employers get Tech screening services and job seekers gets counseling services about job opportunities and prospective employers

DTS - We also have a low cost Time Card that is pretty much works as a digital Time Sheet

ETS - Employee Tracking System -This is a simple lightweight application to keep track of employee details, a handy tool for HR departments. keeps track of employees' employment history, performance, skill etc.

PMSS - (Project Management System Software) Highly cost effective Project management software you can use to track end-to-end any project you undertake.


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